Igbo in Nigeria

The Igbo race is made up of a group of Nigerians living in a particular geographical area of Nigeria, known as the South East region, (which is one of the six geopolitical zones of the country). The area is made up of five states, besides traces of people that exhibit Igbo traits in some surrounding states like Delta and Rivers states.

The five Igbo states, (the south east states), are Abịa, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States. This region of Nigeria is surrounded by mountains and hills, fragile soil with not so level terrain, wonderful vegetation which is abundantly housed by wonderful spread of sources of every type of water.

The south east region is a region of the country that is made up of a very good concentration of natural resources, green life, ecology and wild life. No wonder the area is well known for the production of such agricultural products like palm trees, raffia trees and cassava products.

Besides these, an appreciable quantity of petroleum abound also, with concentration in Abịa, Anambra and Imo states. While coal has the highest deposits in Enugu state, Salt deposit and some other natural resources are housed by the soil of Ebonyi state. The Igbo people speak the language known as Igbo language. The race is one of the three major races (the other two being Housa and Yoruba), that speak the three major languages of Nigeria (Housa, Igbo and Yoruba).

The Igbo people have very much respect for life. For them, blood is sacred and it is life. This belief is also part of the bases of their theology. They, like other Africans believe in such concepts as sacredness, communalism, respect for life, dignity of the human person, sense of freedom, unity of purpose, fate and determinism, belief in one God (or Chi ukwu), who can however, only be accessed through intermediaries, minor gods or deities. The wellspring of the religious belief of the Igbo people can better be understood within the context (or cult) of their belief in the Supreme Being.

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My friend C.H.Spurgeon once said that ,”the loss of gold is something, the loss of life is everything, but the loss of Christ is such a loss that no man can restore”.


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