This site is primarily a site that informs about the Igbo Culture and Language. The aim of the site is to x-ray all there is about the group of people known as the Igbo people. This group of people live around the area of the lower Niger in Nigeria . They inhabit a particular region of Nigeria commonly known as the South East region, comprising five states which are Abia, Anambra, Ebony, Enugu, and Imo with few others scattering in few other neighbouring states. The aim of the site therefore is to create more awareness about the existence of this group, which include their modus vivendi and modus operandi. In this vevendi and operandi are contained the people’s history, their industry, their language, their customs and traditions, their likes and their dislikes; and also their status in Nigerian polity, as one of the country’s three major races and languages. As the site is aimed at the language and culture of the Igbo people, some of the write ups will be in Igbo, the language of Igbo people. This site also is made to be accessible for entertainments, advertisements, enquiries and other information like church activities, schools activities, outreaches, etc. IT IS AIMED TO BE A WEBSITE FOR ALL. The Igbo Language As a language, Igbo language is needed to be learnt, known and communicated with. As the people’s language, it is needed to be studied and be made to be used and advanced and transact with, even among the people in Diaspora. As the language of a race, it is needed to be updated steadily, and to be used in perpetuating the culture. This site therefore is aimed at creating awareness to the existence of the language, promoting the Igbo culture and perpetuating both, as well as creating awareness for other necessary titbits.

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My friend C.H.Spurgeon once said that ,”the loss of gold is something, the loss of life is everything, but the loss of Christ is such a loss that no man can restore”.


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